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Footsteps Montessori provides a quality educational experience for children of preschool and kindergarten age - some of the most important learning years of a lifetime.  We are committed to our students and our community in educating children in the Montessori Philosophy.

Footsteps Montessori has offered high-quality educational experiences to children ages 3-6 since 1998, when we were first incorporated as a not-for-profit. As a not-for-profit, we put much of our income towards the children, the classroom, the materials, and scholarships. We want our classroom to be as socio-economically diverse as our larger community. Children gain so much from preschool experiences - it is important to get them started. The benefits are forever.

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How does Footsteps differ from traditional preschool and Kindergarten?

In our classes, children make choices according to their individual needs and interests.  Following their natural path of discovery enables each child to grow as a whole being:  emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially. As we nourish the inborn spirits of these youngsters, they reveal a tremendous capacity to care for themselves, their environment and the needs of others around them.  We respect and encourage their individuality, thereby nurturing a lifelong love of learning. Our children comprise the core of a loving social community which offers friendship and support to all.  Together we strive to lead humanity towards a more tolerant and peaceful world. Footsteps is a full member of the American Montessori Society (AMS). As a matter of philosophy and policy, Footsteps Montessori's hiring, admission and operating procedures are non-discriminatory in terms of race, religion, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation and disability. We promote cultural diversity and offer equal opportunities.  Footsteps maintains tax-exempt status according to the IRS code 501(c)3.  Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Latest News

Basic Ground Rules

One of the first questions asked by a nervous parent visiting a preschool for the first time is “How is discipline handled?”  At Footsteps during any incident our first priority is the safety of children in our care.  We do not see this situations as “problems” we see them as opportunities for growth and development […]

Practical Tasks as the Foundation for all Later Work

Excerpted from “Child of the World.” Written by Susan Stephenson of AMI It is not uncommon for the value of practical life or family lifeexercise to be misunderstood. I have heard parents exclaim in dismay that their child is “wasting time cleaning her new Montessori school when she should be doing math!” However, math and […]

Our Montessori Birthday!!

Montessori Education’s founder Maria Montessori just celebrated what would have been her 142 birthday on August 31!  To celebrate this year Google changed their name on their page for the day of August 31, 2012!  The co-founders of Google were both Montessori educated and attribute much of their success to their wonderful education!  They used […]